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About The Motorola And The Moto G

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The Moto G has been a topic to rave about for some time, now. It is rare that a high-spec phone could be available at such a low cost. This phone could not only change the brand, but it could also be a change for the whole smartphone market.


The Moto G’s Design And Build


The Moto G is understated and carefully designed. It’s edge to edge screen helps maximise the available space, so there isn’t much room for a lot of intricate design. This large screen is a large part of the phone’s draw, especially since it’s not just low-resolution, but you’ll be able to watch things in high detail.


It’s heavy, but slim and easy to use with one hand. It’s robust quality prevents it from seeming flimsy or fragile. Both this and its waterproof casing make this a tough phone to have. For those who like to customise, there are a number of vibrant covers to choose from and change around as you wish.


The Moto G’s Quad Core Processor


Unusually for a small phone of this size, this phone contains a quad core processor. A phone with this kind of capability will often cost you double what this phone costs. But this small phone is capable of multi-tasking, and it’s idea for those who like to use their phone to watch videos or play games and a whole number of other activities.


There isn’t any option for memory expansion, so you’ll need to consider just how you want to use the space that’s available. The 16GB version, however, still gives you a lot of space to do the things you want to do, especially if you want to download a lot of content.


This phone runs Android and the application on the phone allows you to block calls at certain times of the day, and tailor this so that you still can receive important calls.


The Moto G’s Camera and Video


These are things that many people find valuable in a phone, and this camera is particularly easy to use. All you need to do is touch a spot on the screen, which will allow you to focus so that the picture can be taken. While it won’t perform well in low light, it’s good for taking every day photographs.


The Moto G’s Battery Life


This is a phone that will definitely see you through the day. Even with its quad core processor and its large screen, it still has a powerhouse of a battery inside. This varies, of course, depending on how you choose to use the phone, of course.

In conclusion, you’ll need to choose carefully according to what you plan to use the phone for, but there are a lot of capabilities, here, and with a fun, colourful style.