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An iPhone 6 Review That Reveals The Best iPhone!

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What is great about the best iPhone 6 is this. It is a smartphone that is far bigger in screen. It also matches the experience that Android users have been knowing for years. Why did it take Apple so very long to make a change? The answer to this isn’t known. What is known is this. There are tons of Apple fans out there who are very ecstatic about the new iPhone 6. Apple fans can now ditch their 3.5 inch screens and focus in on bigger and better things now. The new iPhone 6 is it.

Don’t take anything wrong by what is being said here. No one is knocking the previous iPhones or are saying they are bad. Because they aren’t. But things have definitely changed for the better with this new iPhone 6.

 Unique Design & Look

The new iPhone 6 is an iPhone, yes, but it is much bigger. What is this much bigger? The answer is very clear. It has all to do with its broader screen. Sure, the iPhone was always an attractive phone, as well as very nice. The small screen was the only issue. The new iPhone 6 now has a much bigger screen of 4.7 inches. This screen size is perfect and is what defines the perfect iPhone in every way.

Apple is up to its usual approach, and this approach is one, which does involve the use of rare unicorn horns and fairy dust to get this iPhone wonder manufactured. It contains anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and glass to make a smartphone that is truly every inch visually appealing and beautiful. It is also drop dead gorgeous, exudes sophistication and class, and has a very wonderful thinness in build of only 6.9 mm. Th side buttons on this phone have also been re-engineered to fit in perfectly with the much bigger design altogether.

Lots of Wonderful Features

If there could be just one word to sum up the iPhone 6. It would be everything. Everything means that it comes jam packed with all sorts of wonderful features. Some of these features do include a iOS 8 operating system, iSight Camera, 4G LTE connectivity that is very fast, a 64-bit A8 processor that is lightning quick, and an awesome battery life.

Conclusion – Why should you buy it?

Many have had a love-hate relationship with Apple for a very long time. However, with the presence of the iPhone 6, the pendulum has finally swung in the love department for once.

The iPhone has always been the most best-looking of all mobile phone offerings. It has also proved to be very fast and easy to use. Nevertheless, Apple has only gone on, to beef up all of its hardware in essence. A fact that gives this brand new iPhone 6 all of the excellent things it does possess. These excellent things are all about high technology with ease of usage and convenience. Some of these things do include spot-on 4G connectivity, a fabulous camera, fingerprint recognition, and so very much more. The Apple iPhone 6 is truly the best from the rest.