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An iPhone 6 Review That Reveals The Best iPhone!

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What is great about the best iPhone 6 is this. It is a smartphone that is far bigger in screen. It also matches the experience that Android users have been knowing for years. Why did it take Apple so very long to make a change? The answer to this isn’t known. What is known is this. There are tons of Apple fans out there who are very ecstatic about the new iPhone 6. Apple fans can now ditch their 3.5 inch screens and focus in on bigger and better things now. The new iPhone 6 is it.

Don’t take anything wrong by what is being said here. No one is knocking the previous iPhones or are saying they are bad. Because they aren’t. But things have definitely changed for the better with this new iPhone 6.

 Unique Design & Look

The new iPhone 6 is an iPhone, yes, but it is much bigger. What is this much bigger? The answer is very clear. It has all to do with its broader screen. Sure, the iPhone was always an attractive phone, as well as very nice. The small screen was the only issue. The new iPhone 6 now has a much bigger screen of 4.7 inches. This screen size is perfect and is what defines the perfect iPhone in every way.

Apple is up to its usual approach, and this approach is one, which does involve the use of rare unicorn horns and fairy dust to get this iPhone wonder manufactured. It contains anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and glass to make a smartphone that is truly every inch visually appealing and beautiful. It is also drop dead gorgeous, exudes sophistication and class, and has a very wonderful thinness in build of only 6.9 mm. Th side buttons on this phone have also been re-engineered to fit in perfectly with the much bigger design altogether.

Lots of Wonderful Features

If there could be just one word to sum up the iPhone 6. It would be everything. Everything means that it comes jam packed with all sorts of wonderful features. Some of these features do include a iOS 8 operating system, iSight Camera, 4G LTE connectivity that is very fast, a 64-bit A8 processor that is lightning quick, and an awesome battery life.

Conclusion – Why should you buy it?

Many have had a love-hate relationship with Apple for a very long time. However, with the presence of the iPhone 6, the pendulum has finally swung in the love department for once.

The iPhone has always been the most best-looking of all mobile phone offerings. It has also proved to be very fast and easy to use. Nevertheless, Apple has only gone on, to beef up all of its hardware in essence. A fact that gives this brand new iPhone 6 all of the excellent things it does possess. These excellent things are all about high technology with ease of usage and convenience. Some of these things do include spot-on 4G connectivity, a fabulous camera, fingerprint recognition, and so very much more. The Apple iPhone 6 is truly the best from the rest.

HTC One M8S – The Best Phone Out There!

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If you have been in the market for a new phone, then you need to check out the HTC One M8S! Reading HTC One M8s reviews are only going to give you so much information. You can get such a more intensive appreciation for this phone when you make it a point to pick up an HTC One M8s for yourself!

We use our phones for everything these days. Functioning more as handheld computers than simply telephones these days, having a cell phone that work for you instead of against you is very important indeed.


With a plethora of great features, this is one cell phone that you will be glad to purchase when you are in the market for a new device! Featuring fantastic audio and a crystal-clear display, the HTC One M8s offers an unparalleled media experience. If you want your phone to do more than simply take calls and send texts, you are going to want to check out this beauty of a cellular device!


Visually, this phone is breathtaking. A full metal body protects the Lollipop operating system that this phone possesses, ensuring a chic and sleek look no matter what your personal aesthetic. Generically crafted, this phone looks masculine as much as dainty, allowing the caller themselves to be the focal point in a crowd. Crafted from a single block of aluminum, this phone has an ergonomic benefit, fitting perfectly into your hand.

Bonus Features

An added bonus to this awesome phone? The camera turns on from just your gesture. That’s right – boasting a Motion Launch feature, the HTC One M8s lets you launch and control your phone’s camera automatically without having to click your way through the menu. By simply raising your camera horizontally, the phone launches the camera and you are able to start taking pictures right away, capturing the moment as it happens like never before! And if that’s not enough, you can wake up your phone by simply double tapping your display. And? You can take selfies by voice command. Honestly, this is a phone that redefines the way you think about technology and you will never be able to go back to the old definition of a phone.


With a weight of only 160 grams this phone is as light and easy to use as you want your phone to be. No one needs their electronic leash to be heavy on top of everything else, which makes the HTC One M8s the perfect choice for anyone who loves to be reachable!

For a New Phone the LG G3s is The Way To Go!

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lg g3

If a new phone is on your list of things to buy this month, then you need look no further than the LG G3 S! And, while reading a flurry of LG G3s reviews will assist you in determining whether or not this phone is right for you, there is more to it than that. Reading a review LG G3s only provides a bit of information about the phone you would do well to buy. The way you are going to get a true, thorough understanding of this phone and everything that it can offer you, is by going in to a store and witnessing the phone’s majesty for yourself.

Simply A Great Phone

The real kicker when it comes to selecting a new phone is determining how well an option may fit into your life. With everyone being so busy running around town after children, to and from dates, or even just trying to manage happy hours with friends, it is imperative to have a phone that helps you out when you need it. This mean keeping emails organized, text messages prompt, and phone calls coming through loud and clear.

Fantastic Features

Plus, as much as we need a phone that can keep up with us technologically, we want a way to remember all those nights out with friends. Therefore, having a good camera is another must-have when it comes to buying a new phone. With its 8 mega-pixel camera, this is one perfect choice for the budding photographers among groups of friends. With 8 GM of memory, this phone is even more sure to make sure that the photos you love to keep are able to be stored safely without the risk of running out of space.

Extras for the Win!

With all of this bells and whistles it should come as no surprise why so many people are choosing the LG G3s phone as their new electronic baby. With text messaging capacity, email capability, a fantastically clear screen and breathtaking audio for the music aficionados out there, it should come as no surprise that the LG G3s phone is a high scoring phone in all categories! Coming in three fantastic colors, Metallic Black, Silk White and Shine Gold, you can have a phone that matches your personality. After all, we want to stand out as much as we want to be dependable and up with the latest technology. Thankfully, this phone lets you have all that and more! For work and for play, this is the phone you are going to want in your life.


LG G4 Review – Here’s What We Think

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LG G4 Review

You may remember when the LG G3 smartphone received a lot of praise. Now, we get to do the same thing with LG’s newest smartphone model, the LG G4.


The LG G4 is virtually similar in almost every way to the original G3 model. The physical buttons are located on the back of the device, while a screen covers almost the entire front side. Both of these specifications help keep the device looking thin. While the LG G4 is not as slim as other various smartphone models, it is also not as heavy or think thanks to the device’s tapered edges. The screen size of five and a half inches is the same as the LG G3.

Unlike previous models, and certainly unlike other smartphone models, the LG G4 possesses a back made entirely out of leather. Real leather is used rather than cheap imitation material and is available in three separate finishes: red, brown, and black. This is a specification that certainly gives the LG G4 smartphone an edge over most other smartphones on the market. For those who may not want a leather backing, the device is available in the following finishes:

*Metallic Gray

*Ceramic White


The screen on the front of the LG G4 contains an astonishing 2560×1440 resolution and is nearly as big as the screen contained on the Samsung Galaxy Note device. The screen resolution gives the LG G4 an overall pixel density of 538 ppi.


The LG G4 contains a Snapdragon 808 processor instead of a Snapdragon 810 processor. This runs at a speed of 1.8GHz, which is a slower speed than the original G3 model. The processor contains approximately 3GB of RAM as well as an Adreno 418 GPU. Overall memory space is around 32GB and the LG G4 also contains a Micro SD slot to allow for additional space.

The LG G4 is also outfitted with Android Lollipop 5.1 software, which also contains additional features from LG.


The LG G4 contains a 16-megapixel camera, which is a significant upgrade from the 13-megapixel camera that came with the original G3 model. It allows for precise focusing even in the lowest amounts of light. In addition, the camera is also able to record video in 4K Ultra HD resolution. For those who enjoy selfies and video chatting, the front camera has also been upgraded to 8-megapixels.


The LG G4 contains 4G connectivity capabilities, along with 3G HSPA and GSM as well. Other options in terms of connectivity include the following:

*Bluetooth 4.0


*3.5mm headphone jack

*USB 2.0


*HDMI SlimPort


The LG G4 contains a removable 3,000mAh battery, which is the same kind of battery the original G3 model contained. The battery is heavy-duty and is also rather quick to charge up, even when the device has been used rather heavily.


The LG G4 has always been considered to be a different kind of smartphone, thanks mostly in part to the optional leather backing that can be installed onto it. The overall design is stunning and the screen resolution is absolutely incredible. All of these features makes the LG G4 one great phone to consider investing in.

About The Motorola And The Moto G

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The Moto G has been a topic to rave about for some time, now. It is rare that a high-spec phone could be available at such a low cost. This phone could not only change the brand, but it could also be a change for the whole smartphone market.


The Moto G’s Design And Build


The Moto G is understated and carefully designed. It’s edge to edge screen helps maximise the available space, so there isn’t much room for a lot of intricate design. This large screen is a large part of the phone’s draw, especially since it’s not just low-resolution, but you’ll be able to watch things in high detail.


It’s heavy, but slim and easy to use with one hand. It’s robust quality prevents it from seeming flimsy or fragile. Both this and its waterproof casing make this a tough phone to have. For those who like to customise, there are a number of vibrant covers to choose from and change around as you wish.


The Moto G’s Quad Core Processor


Unusually for a small phone of this size, this phone contains a quad core processor. A phone with this kind of capability will often cost you double what this phone costs. But this small phone is capable of multi-tasking, and it’s idea for those who like to use their phone to watch videos or play games and a whole number of other activities.


There isn’t any option for memory expansion, so you’ll need to consider just how you want to use the space that’s available. The 16GB version, however, still gives you a lot of space to do the things you want to do, especially if you want to download a lot of content.


This phone runs Android and the application on the phone allows you to block calls at certain times of the day, and tailor this so that you still can receive important calls.


The Moto G’s Camera and Video


These are things that many people find valuable in a phone, and this camera is particularly easy to use. All you need to do is touch a spot on the screen, which will allow you to focus so that the picture can be taken. While it won’t perform well in low light, it’s good for taking every day photographs.


The Moto G’s Battery Life


This is a phone that will definitely see you through the day. Even with its quad core processor and its large screen, it still has a powerhouse of a battery inside. This varies, of course, depending on how you choose to use the phone, of course.

In conclusion, you’ll need to choose carefully according to what you plan to use the phone for, but there are a lot of capabilities, here, and with a fun, colourful style.

Get Yourself a Samsung Galaxy A3 For A Great Mobile Phone!

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Samsung Galaxy A3

If you are in the market for a smartphone, you would do well to check out the Samsung Galaxy A3 because this phone is a great one. Reading a Samsung Galaxy A3 review will undoubtedly provide you with a great overview of what this phone boasts but until you hold one in your hands you will not really be able to understand the sheer majesty of this phone. Still, everyone deserves to learn the ins and outs of a phone so read on and then make sure to review Samsung Galaxy A3 in person for yourself!

Phone Features

We all need our phones to do as much as possible to help keep us on track in our busy lives. Luckily, this Samsung phone provides all of the texting, emailing, phone calling and data requirements that you need a phone to carry. And the Samsung line also carries all of the bells and whistles of computation that we come to rely on our phones for in this day and age. With the Android Kit Kat operating system, users are rest assured that all of their needs will be met by this incredible device, fast running times, quick downloads and all the rest. Also, with a 4.5 inch screen, all of your emails, texts and documents will be as easily read as your Facebook posts and Instagram photos. And we all know a good phone is measured by its ability to help us multitask.

Extras for You

At only 110 grams, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is as lightweight as it is efficient, and with its middle-of-the-road price point, this is a phone that you can purchase regardless of how far up the corporate ladder you have managed to travel. Added bonuses to this phone include the integrated hand-free speaker, Bluetooth capabilities, a 5 megapixel front camera and an 8 mega pixel camera with LED flash and auto focus. Without a doubt this is a phone for the ages, and since the price point is actually affordable, you can buy some pretty awesome covers and protective gear to spread your unique taste to the masses everything you whip out your phone for a phone call or to respond to a message.

If you work hard, play hard, and need a phone that can keep up with you in all of your stages of life, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the phone to do it. Building off of the great reputation and flawless devices that Samsung is known for, this phone offers everything you knew you needed and a whole lot of goodies that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.