Product Testing

Product Testing-The New Pastime

Are you disinterested with your life? Are you tired of the routine of waking up, going to work, and then going to bed? You might be in need of a new hobby, and no, I am not talking about things like collecting stamps, catching butterflies, or para-sailing. There is a hobby that will ensure that you always have something to do, you can participate no matter what the weather is like, and you do not have to any experience in the field to start. What is this hobby?

It is product testing! It will keep you occupied when you have nothing else to do and can also make some money doing it. Are you wondering what product testers do? Well, I am going to tell you.

To become a product tester, all you have to do is sign to test any number of products from any amount of companies and tell them what you think about their product or products by telling them how well it worked for you or did not work for you. Whatever time you put into reviewing the product, you are compensated for and you also get to keep whatever products you test. I cannot think of any reason you would not want to be a product tester because you get to select what items you review, you do not have to leave your home to do it (you can do it in your pajamas or your best dress, it does not matter), which makes it a relaxing hobby, and you will not feel any pain the next day or in the future as you may from other hobbies. There are also a variety of items that you can test.

There are many items that you can test, from toasters, speakers, and a variety of other items that may include clothes and footwear, you can actually test out any product that a company makes. If a company wants to let people in the public try out their products, and tell them what they think of their products, then you can be a product tester for them. Do you like to collect stamps? If so, you can test a company’s glue sticks and get money for reviewing, and you get to organize your stamps for free. You can seriously try out a large amount of items, as well doing whatever else you like to do in your spare time. Is product testing more like a job or a hobby?

If you choose to be a product tester, you do not have to try out every single item that a company has available for product testing. You can choose a few of the items or all of them. The companies are not going to push you to try a certain amount of their items, you just choose to review the items that you like, and then go back to living your life.

Why not sign up for this new hobby? It can bring you some pleasure and you can learn something too. There is a process to signing up to become a product tester.

The first step is sign up with companies that offer product testing. Once they accept you, they will send you surveys to fill out.  These surveys screen you to ensure that you are the type of person that the company wants to try out their products. After you fill out the survey, they will let you know if you are survey, they will let you know if you are eligible to test out their products. For example, they may need people of a certain gender, age,income, and location.

After you get approved to test out the product or products, the company will send you the items to try out for a short amount of time. After you try out the product or products, you will have the opportunity to tell the company what you thought of their product. After you finish that, you get paid for your services. Another benefit to product testing is that the company usually lets you keep the product that you tested. There are quite a few companies out there are that take on product testers.

When you see that a company is accepting new product testers, sign up right away because they do not always accept new product testers. Most of these companies I am going to mention have their members try out items for product testing.

Survey Spot-They compensate their members with Paypal funds and gift cards. If you are a part of their focus groups, you can test items like toasters, kettles, microwaves, and coffeemakers.

Toluna- They compensate their members with cash and gift cards. They pay the members of their focus groups very well and they get to try out high end items.

MySurvey-They compensate their members with cash, Paypal, or Amazon gift cards. You also get to try out household appliances when you are a part of their focus groups.

Valued Opinions-They compensate their members with gift cards. Most product testers test out beauty products and they have focus groups that pay very well.

Nielsen-They compensate their members with free items. They give you a handheld scanner and you scan everything you buy and get free products in return.

Pinecone Research- They compensate their members with cash, Paypal, gift cards, and more. They send you two to four items to try a month, but is hard to join, because it is by invitation only.

I-Say- They compensate their members with cash, PayPal, and gift cards. They have people try out kitchen items and they have focus groups that pay out very well.

I-Poll- They compensate their members with PayPal and gifts and send out many kinds of conditioners and shampoos for people to test.

Become A Mystery Shopper – They compensate their members with cash. They send out beauty items for their members to try out and they pay very well.

Global Test Market- They compensate their members with cash and give you household items to test.

Opinion Outpost-They compensate their members with PayPal and gift cards. They pay fairly well, have good products to test, and you can cash out at any time.

BuzzBack Panel- They compensate their members with Paypal and Gift Cards. They have a few items to test, not very many, but good items when they do have them.

LOreal Product Testing Panel- They compensate you with free beauty products, but it is at times hard to qualify for their product testings.

Free Perfume Samples -They have a lot of good products, but only pay out in test products.

Johnson & Johnson-They compensate their members with cash and parents of babies and toddlers get to test products.

If you follow these instructions and sign up with these companies, you will be a perfect product tester before you know it.